Each Leathers playground is one-of-a-kind and reflects the community in which it is built. Designs are inspired by natural and historic features, local traditions, architecture −and, of course, the ideas and imagination of your kids. That’s right −with community builds, children will see their very dreams become reality. In addition to being a source of community pride, our modern playgrounds are long-lasting and maintenance-friendly. Every playground meets ASTM standards and CPSC guidelines and, upon completion, is inspected by one of our certified specialists. We’ve built playgrounds in all 50 states and 7 other countries - we hope to work with you next!

Client Bubbles_Jensen

Jensen Beach, FL

“My kids love this playground. It's such a beautiful addition to the community. I'm proud to support this wonderful cause!”

- Audra Mariz

“Happy 1 year anniversary! Wow, a year ago we were spending our mornings, afternoons and evenings volunteering to build an amazing playground for the community. We are so blessed to have such a great community. Thanks again to everyone that helped out!!”

- Jensen Beach Community Playground Facebook

Client Bubbles_Orem

Orem, UT

“The All Together Playground is one of the best playgrounds we have seen! It takes everyone into consideration. My daughter who is in a wheelchair, can play right beside her brothers. It is a place where everyone can play. No limitations!! From the swing where a child can face their parent while they swing, to the tunnels and cubbies, the sound buttons, the light game, the wheelchair swing, the zipline, it is the perfect park!! Everyone should visit this park!”

- Katrina Merkley Bleyl

“Amazing playground that was built by the community. So much fun. My kids all enjoy playing there.”

- Christine Alleman

Client Bubbles_Valparaiso

Valparaiso, IN

“There is a wide variety of equipment for all ages, and enough of it that kids don't have to wait. Everything is safe and laid out so that it is easy to keep an eye on your kids, but still allow them to explore on their own if they want. Most people there are very friendly and conscientious.”

- John Peluso

“Always love taking my kids here to enjoy the day it's one of our favorite places to go. You must see for yourself.”

- Ivan Gallardo

“Hands down the best playground I've ever seen.”

- Alex F.

Client Bubbles_Frisco

Frisco, TX

“You guys were super fun to build with. And you do good work. Hope Park is awesome!!”

- Robyn Burkhardt Olschewsky

“I visited the park today and my son played with a 3 year old little girl who was there with her grandpa who is an amputee/wheelchair user. What a perfect park for him to bring his grand-daughter to! Because of the park’s wonderfully accessible design he was able to fully interact with his sweet grand-daughter the way a grandpa should! He was pushing her on the swings, spinning her on the merry go round, and helping her on the see saw. What a joy this park is in so very many ways!”

- Ginny Williams

Client Bubbles_Salinas

Salinas, CA

“I am the parent of a 20 year old who has cerebral palsy. I am so excited to finally see a park in our area for children with special needs. My daughter will now be able to go and play in the park with her young cousins and eventually her children.”

- Mandy Lebow

“Great place for kids. Mostly enclosed play area for both toddlers and older kids. Wheelchair accessible, special swings. Kept very clean, it was a refreshing change to traditional parks.”

- Mayra Lugo

Client Bubbles_Perry Hall

Perry Hall, MD

“Angel park is amazing and It's beautiful. The kids loved it and had so much fun. There's even a little work out area for adults and plenty of benches for parents to watch the kids from. Best park I've ever been too!”

- Elizabeth Piet

“Absolutely loved this park! It's not only beautiful but clean and safe for children!! We loved the intricate artwork and craftsmanship it took to build this remarkable playground! My daughter is in love so we'll definitely be back!!”

-Rosanne Zuk

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