Leathers History

For nearly half a century, Leathers & Associates has brought to life some of the world’s coolest playgrounds! It all started back in 1971 with Bob Leathers, who imagined a whole new type of playground based on the ideas & dreams of kids. He longed to break the mold of traditional, manufactured playgrounds by creating ones that were custom designed, site-built and unique to each community. Over 3,400 playgrounds later, his son, Marc Leathers, and the L&A team continue that mission for a new generation of children. It is our aim to keep alive the motto of DREAM.BUILD.PLAY!

Meet the Team

Taj Leathers

CAD Specialist & Playground Consultant

Marc Leathers

President & Owner

Kyle Cundy

Project Manager & Community Organizer

Barb Dominie

Office & Maintenance Coordinator

Jim Houghton


Carrie Moore

Designer & Project Manager

Aaron Chandler

Project Manager & Playground Consultant

Danielle Campbell

Designer & Special Features Consultant

Maegan Marcheggiani

Designer & Project Manager

Bill Meyers

Playground Consultant

Justin Fowler

Playground Consultant

Bill Hugill

Playground Consultant

Mack Mattingly

Playground Consultant

Dave Johnson

Playground Consultant
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