Step-by-Step Process

At Leathers & Associates our mission is to create custom play spaces for children of all abilities. Leathers playgrounds are the fulfillment of children’s dreams and the product of collective energy from the entire community. Our staff has a strong commitment to quality, safety and fun. It is our goal to produce an     awe-inspiring play environment that has a positive and long lasting impact on your community. Unlike manufactured playgrounds, L&A playgrounds reflect your community’s history, culture and local architecture. Our process empowers volunteers and instills a great sense of ownership;
we believe in the power of play and love what we do!


Getting Started Is Easy

From the very start of your project, you will be working closely with our staff. The first task is to begin recruiting an all-star steering committee of 10-12 hardworking volunteers and securing a site for the playground. L&A provides an, easy to follow, checklists, printed guides, electronic fundraising planning tool, and an online project management site to assist you each step of the way. Questions? Remember we are only a phone call away



Design Day

Design Day is the official kick-off event that launches your project. An L&A designer will visit your community for creative planning, brainstorming and drawing sessions. All members of the community, of all ages, share their vision and ideas with our designer - these ideas, along with drawings and other important information will be used to create a customized schematic playground design. Design Day concludes with a community wide celebration and presentation where the schematic design is unveiled for all to see



Organization Phase

Shortly after Design Day, you’ll receive copies of your drawings, materials list, and components list. Our office will assign a project manager. Between Design Day and Organization Day, your committee will concentrate on developing relations, strengthening your committee, and networking within the community. At the same time, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and other committees will continue their efforts



Organization Day

As you move toward your build dates, we will plan an Organization Day. An L&A staff member will meet with your committee to review progress and help map out the last weeks up to construction. These meetings provide an opportunity to make sure your committee understands what remains to be done prior to the build. We’ll review the site plan with your site captain, confer with committee coordinators, discuss the final design, and go over schedules, plans, responsibilities, and construction details




The time will arrive when all the months of planning and hard work finally pay off. In the space of several days, you and a small army of volunteers will transform an empty patch of land into something magnificent: your own community designed and volunteer-built playground. Volunteers of all ages and skill levels will work side by side, sharing in the community build experience. L&A staff along with volunteer captains from your community will oversee quality and efficiently lead volunteers



Celebrate your efforts and enjoy the playground

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